Selling your property

Here at homfi we believe in good fortune, but we don’t make your success and satisfaction depend on it.

Our work is thought through and carefully planned to produce the expected result – a fast, safe, and beneficial sale of your property.

property sales with homfi
Selling your property

Trust our experience

Over ten thousand transactions since 2011. We know a thing or two about effective real estate sales, right? Learn more about how we do business and why you should get to know us better and then… let’s get together. Your place or ours – it’s up to you.

efficient property sales with homfi

Find out what an effective real estate sales in homfi is

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Custom sales approach

Our success is built on solid foundations.

The largest base of clients actively seeking properties in Poland. Effective marketing. A team of the best agents and specialists you can always rely on. Transparent procedures and clear rules of the game. And on top of that, a strong, recognizable, and esteemed brand of the best real estate agency in Poland. These are the five elements on which we've built homfi selling system - our unique approach and the key to success in your transaction.


Comfort and safety

We reduce your involvement to the necessary minimum. Preparing the listing, meeting with customers, presenting the property, negotiating, completing documentation – don’t worry about it, enjoy your free time. We’ve got you covered.

We will prepare a professional price report to establish the optimal listing price. We provide cleaning services and interior decorators. We advise buyers in scope of the best real estate financing offer. We will speed up the credit granting procedure and prepare transparent templates of the required agreements.

And – with consideration of the buyer’s finances – we will also pay for the services of a trusted notary public.

comfortable and safe property sales with homfi

Quickness and effectiveness

We don’t waste time because dynamic activity is embedded in our DNA. We will publish your listing online within 72 hours following your meeting with the agent and will need a few weeks – on average – to sell it. We are able to sell more popular real estate types within just days.

We believe that the quality of our work is measured by our effectiveness. We connect houses and flats of our customers with happy buyers on a daily basis. The total value of real estate we have handled over the past eleven years has exceeded seven billion PLN.

quick and efficient property sales with homfi

Pioneering methods and tools

We believe in continuous progress and innovation. We apply pioneering concepts and solutions not available anywhere else.

Process automation. Our own CRM system to manage the customer database. An internal Call Center team. We have perfected our original support model for customers looking for real estate. This breakthrough makes it possible for us to respond to their inquiries almost immediately.

We are among the first companies in Poland to focus on exclusive customer support. This means that you can be certain that the agent handling your property will do so appropriately.

innovative methods of property sales by homfi

An individual marketing strategy

All properties are different. Unique. And they all require individual marketing strategies. Yours is no exception.

We provide a backdrop for every transaction. Our listings are fostered to the smallest details. Professional multimedia. Extensive online presence. Advanced marketing automation to help us reach potential real estate customers quickly and effectively. Sensory marketing that will turn a listing presentation into a real spectacle.

Do you expect more? We finance all these activities by ourselves.

property marketing strategy by homfi

Top quality consulting

We employ the best specialists and do business with proven suppliers only. We have an internal agent training and certification plan. Our agents are knowledgeable, experienced, motivated, and fluent in foreign languages, including of course English. They are also readily available 7 days a week.

We have a Back Office team with 100 experts, who provide professional support for you and the agent at every stage – from transparent legal services to advanced marketing campaigns.

And it’s all because we’re fully aware of the responsibility bestowed upon us. We feel obliged to provide you with top quality services.

property sales consulting by homfi

Selling the property


meeting with the homfi agent

Meeting with the agent

We handle only the locations we know. We will meet for the first time inside the property you want to sell. During the meeting, we will establish your needs and expectations and prepare the initial materials for the listing. If you decide to hire us, we will pick up the keys and get to work right away.

professional property sales offer


We will create a complete listing for your property within 3 days. It will include photos, videos, and a detailed description in two languages. We will then publish it online in 75 countries in 20 languages.

property sales marketing support by homfi


We prepare dedicated promotional strategies for all listings. This strategy includes professional photo shoots, drone footage, virtual visits, outdoor signs, and permanent listing in 80 real estate websites supported with highlights and "top of the lists". You have full control over what we do and we regularly report everything to you.

presenting the property by homfi

Presenting the property

Early morning hours, late in the evening, or during the weekend? The meeting can be held at your buyer’s convenience and you won’t have to be involved. We will present the property with our original marketing methods, provide all information, and take the purchase offer for your approval.

negotiations and transaction preparing by homfi

Negotiations and preparing the transaction

You don’t have to like or know how to talk about finances. We do and that’s enough. We will conduct negotiations on your behalf and report the progress to you in real time. The ultimate decision on whether to accept or reject the offer is always yours. If you accept it, we will prepare the documents required for purposes of the transaction.

transaction and delivery of the property by homfi

Transaction and delivery of the property

Our role is to make sure that you have a sense of security and that the sale process goes through without a hitch. The whole process will be monitored by the agent in cooperation with trusted notary public. When the transaction is closed and all formalities are out of the way, we will prepare the delivery protocol and hand the property over to its new owner.


Energy performance certificate

If you're planning to sell your property, it's essential to have an energy performance certificate. You can easily order it online. Simply complete the form, proceed with payment, and... that's it!

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