Lettings and rental management

A romantic dinner for two. A game of squash to stay fit. A family camping trip. Your priorities and passions. Your free time.

And it’s entirely up to you what you do with it. We will make sure that your property keeps bringing you profits, you can focus on the things that are really important.

lettings and rental management with homfi
lettings and rental management

Trust our experience

A flat, a house, an office, a service point – whatever your property may be, we will guide you through the entire rental process securely. We currently have over 2500 properties under management. You can trust us, we’ve mastered things here.

quick letting and professional rental management with homfi

Rent out your property with homfi

One-time rental or ongoing care for your property as part of the lease management service? The choice is yours. Explore the benefits of each option and select the one that suits your needs best.

Rental management
Preparing the property for rent
Rental management
Price reporty
Cleaning service
Home staging - interior designers' support
Individual marketing strategy
Rental management
Professional photo session
Property video
Virtual tour
Drone photography
Social media video content
Property floor plans
Listing publication - online portals and social media
Marketing automation
Outdoor advertising - banner
Open House events
Promotion report
Tenant search
Rental management
Intelligent matching of offers to clients
Contact and meetings with potential tenants
Property presentations
Rental terms negotiations
Signing the rental agreement
Handover of keys to the new tenant
Risk-free rental package
Rental management
Professional lease management agreement and handover protocol
Tenant verification
Security deposit
Landlord insurance
Continuous property management
Rental management
Dedicated property management team
Legal support
Regular communication with the tenant
Rent and utility billing management
Document management and payment organization
Maintenance and repair coordination
Property inspection at the end of the tenancy
Tenant search for new rentals
Monthly property management report
Rental management

How much does it cost?

123% of the rental amount one-time fee

15-17% of the rental amount monthly fee
(depending on the property)

Let your property earn for you

Leave the stress behind and enjoy a steady, secure income from renting out your property. We've got you covered, taking care of everything on your behalf.

Custom rental approach

Our success stands on solid ground.

The largest base of clients actively seeking properties in Poland. Effective marketing. A team of the best agents and specialists you can always rely on. Transparent procedures and clear rules of the game. And on top of that, a strong, recognizable, and esteemed brand of the best real estate agency in Poland. These are the five elements on which we've built homfi selling system - our unique approach and the key to success in your transaction.


Quickness and effectiveness

We like to take quick and decisive action because we know that this is what you expect. We will publish your listing online within 72 hours after your meeting with the agent. 7 days - this is the average time we need to rent it out.

We are involved in hundreds of rental transactions nationwide each month. We work with the biggest international corporations and rent out almost 100 flats monthly for them alone.

quick and efficient property rental with homfi

An individual marketing strategy

All properties are different. Unique. And they all require individual marketing strategies. Yours is no exception, so you can count on us to provide one.

We provide a backdrop for every transaction. Our listings are fostered to the smallest details. Professional multimedia. Extensive online presence. Advanced marketing automation. Sensory marketing instruments that will turn a listing presentation into a real spectacle.

Do you expect more? We finance all the activities by ourselves.

property rental marketing strategy by homfi

Support at every stage

We limit your involvement to the necessary minimum. Preparing an attractive offer, meeting with customers, presenting the property, negotiating – don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

We will take care of your property as if it were our own. A team of experienced professionals – managers, lawyers, and technicians – ensures its safety 24/7. Formalities, ongoing payments, communication with the tenant – we’ve got a grip on everything. And when something goes wrong, we are there to fix it.

property rental security by homfi

Certainty and security

We know and understand the concerns of landlords, and we have developed an entire arsenal of resources to guarantee safe rental and regular payments made to your account.

A transparent agreement securing your property. Professional multistage verification of credibility and solvency of the tenant. A tenant’s insurance policy to protect you from the financial consequences of damages caused by e.g. children, pets, or simple mishappenings.

And another thing. Rental continuity – when the agreement with your current tenant expires, we will get to finding a new one right away.

safe rental with homfi

Full control and transparency

We want to keep you up to date on the effects of our work. Whether we are handling a single rental or managing your property on a regular basis, we will prepare a package of professional and transparent reports rounding up every stage of the proccess just for you.

We believe in the rule of balance of profits. When you earn, we earn. This is why we only charge for our services after your tenant pays the rent.

transparent property rental reports by homfi

Lettings and rental management


property rent meeting with the homfi agent

Meeting with the agent

We handle only the locations we know. We will meet for the first time inside the property you want to rent. During the meeting, we will establish your needs and expectations and prepare the initial materials for the listing. If you decide to hire us, we will pick up the keys and get to work right away.

professional property rental offer by homfi


We will create a complete listing for your property within 3 days. It will include photos, videos, and a detailed description in two languages. We will then publish it online in 75 countries.

property rental marketing support by homfi


We prepare dedicated promotional strategies for all listings. This strategy includes professional photo shoots, drone footage, virtual visits, outdoor signs, and permanent listing in 80 real estate websites supported with a special budget to enhance the publishing. You have full control over what we do and we report everything to you in real time.

presenting the property for rent by homfi

Presenting the property

Early morning hours, late in the evening, or during the weekend? The meeting can be held at your tenant’s convenience and you won’t have to be involved. We will present the property with our original marketing methods, provide all information, and take the rental offer for your approval.

negotiations and rental transaction preparing by homfi

Negotiations and preparing the transaction

You don’t have to like or know how to talk about finances. We do and that’s enough. We will conduct negotiations on your behalf and report the progress to you in real time. The ultimate decision on whether to accept or reject the offer is always yours. If you accept it, we will prepare the documents required for purposes of the transaction.

rental and delivery of the property by homfi

Transaction and delivery of the property

Our role is to make sure that you have a sense of security and that the rental process goes through without a hitch. The whole process will be monitored by the agent you already know. When the transaction is closed and all formalities are out of the way, we will prepare the delivery protocol and hand the keys to the new tenant.

ongoing rental management by homfi

Ongoing management

We will clear your administrative and utility charges and transfer the rent to your account on a regular basis. When the rental agreement expires, we will carefully inspect the condition of the property and collect it from the tenant. But what then? Don’t worry! We will find you a new tenant in no time.


Energy performance certificate

If you're planning to rent out your property, it's essential to have an energy performance certificate. You can easily order it online. Simply complete the form, proceed with payment, and... that's it!

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