Real estate financing

Months of searching. Dozens of visited places. And finally, that one listing that keeps popping back to mind.

Need funds to buy it? We can help you choose the most favourable mortgage offer and guide you through the entire process until you have the cash in hand. You’re on your way home!

real estate financing with homfi
Real estate financing

There’s no place like home

Pick a date and contact us via phone, online, or at a selected location. An apartment, a house, a plot? We will review your situation and tell you what you can afford with consideration of your current earnings and expenses.

Quick and convenient

We understand the emotions involved in the decision to take out a mortgage loan. You can count on our help. We will tell you how to build your credit rating and prepare you for concluding an agreement with a bank.

You will not have to wait long for the preliminary decision. You will get one even within 48 hours. We take care of all formalities in one place to launch your credit even sooner.

quick mortgage with homfi

Extensive selection

Remember: we work for you, not for the banks. You can be sure that we will suggest the financing plan best suited for you.

Before we do so, we will compare the current offers of the 12 leading banks. An extensive selection brings you numerous benefits, including a crediting period extended to 35 years.

mortgage extensisve selection with homfi

No surprises

No commission for granting and early repayment of the credit. And the lowest margins on the market. We know that you have plenty of expenses. Don’t worry, we will not create any additional ones.

mortgage with no surprises with homfi

Real estate financing


contacting the homfi expert

Contacting the expert

Contact us through the form or by phone to learn what information we will need to prepare and then file your credit application to the bank.

meeting with the homfi expert

Meeting with the expert

We can meet at the location and time of your choice. We will present the best offer and propose the best actions. We will prepare a list of required documents. During the meeting, we will also provide your initial credit rating. We want you to know as much as possible to make a conscious decision. You will learn basic credit parameters and the factors determining its interest and general cost.

filling credit applications with homfi

Filling out credit applications

After gathering the required documents, we will help you fill out the credit application and file it to the bank of your choice.

launching the credit with homfi

Launching the credit

When the bank approves your application, we will let you know. We will arrange the date of mortgage agreement conclusion and the pick up the funds. You may open the champagne!

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