About us

Hi! We’re homfi and – according to Otodom – we were the best real estate agency in Poland in both 2019 and 2021! Until 2022 we were best known under the brand Nowodworski Estates. Learn more and get to know us better.

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About us

Who are we?

homfi who are we

Who are we?

We are a pioneer in cutting edge solutions on the real estate market in Poland. We have been setting the development paths for the entire industry since 2011. We inspire necessary changes. No one in Poland is growing as fast as us. Our team currently includes over 250 real estate agents and experts supporting their everyday work. You can find our offices in the nine biggest Polish cities.

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Why did we change?

Because we wanted to express who we are, what we believe in, and where we are going. We wanted to show you that we understand your emotions. That we’re closer to you than ever before. That we’re more innovative, more available, more engaged. We wanted to create a brand to let you feel a true #joyofliving.

homfi benefits for client

What can we give you?

As homfi, we will continue to set the trends, introduce innovative working methods and tools, improve support standards, simplify procedures, conduct original training courses for our agents, expand the scale of our operations, and enter new markets, including those abroad. But most importantly, we can assure you that – regardless of the type of real estate transaction you’re planning – we will make your transaction fast, safe, and profitable.


We are the best and we can prove it

homfi best real estate agency 2021
homfi wizjery

2021 Otodom Real Estate Award for the best real estate agency in Poland, which we got for constant improvement of standards of services and simplifying procedures.

2021 Otodom Real Estate Award for the best real estate agency in Poland, which we got for constant improvement of standards of services and simplifying procedures.

homfi best real estate agency 2019

2019 Otodom Real Estate Award for the best real estate agency in Poland. This prize is for our effectiveness, involvement and constant innovations, to the benefit of our customers.

homfi wizjery

Wizjery 2021 first prize and Wizjery 2022 honourable mention in category of "Best real estate footage"

Mission and vision

What we do and where we’re going as a company

homfi mission


Homfi will help you make the right decisions on the real estate market. We want you to feel safe no matter who you are and what you’re planning – sale, purchase, or rental. We know that this is an important time in your life.

If you are looking for a property, we will help you find the right one. If you are planning changes, we will make sure that they will be beneficial. If you are investing, we will make sure that you can profit from it and spend your time on what you feel is really important. We believe in continuous progress and innovation, which is why we deploy pioneering ideas and solutions. We act quickly and effectively to fulfil the expectations you have towards a professional real estate agency.

homfi vision


We want to be the best in what we do. We continue to grow in order to create new breakthrough solutions on the real estate market.

We want to turn into a brand of a system, which guarantees comfort, safety, and confidence in the conducted transaction. A reliable guide who understands your current needs and predicts future ones. The first and natural choice that comes to your mind when you want a trusted partner on the real estate market.


Ideas we believe in. Behaviours we support. Attitudes we appreciate. Simply put: our values. The four pillars defining who we are, what we do, and what we see as important.

homfi energy


homfi creativity


homfi responsibility


homfi determination


The history of homfi

Thousands of customer stories with happy endings. Including a very special one: our own. See how it all began and what we were able to accomplish.

nowodworski estates birth


Kraków. A small office set up in a student’s room. This is where we wrote the first chapter of our story. This is where the Nowodworski Estates brand was born.

homfi history wroclaw


We take the first step towards national expansion. A Nowodworski Estates branch opens in Wrocław.

homfi history gliwice


We’re going with the momentum and opening a new office. This one is in Gliwice.

homfi private house brokers


We decide to expand our offer over premium real estate. Private House Brokers – a partnership brand of Nowodworski Estates – opens.

homfi team

November 2017

We’re growing in strength. Nowodworski Estates hires its one hundredth employee.

homfi history warsaw


Southern Poland is no longer enough. A new Nowodworski Estates branch opens in the most demanding Polish market – Warsaw.

homfi exclusive agreements


One of the most important decisions in our history. We call for necessary changes in the entire industry and introduce a model of operations based on exclusive agreements.

homfi history gdansk


We continue to expand the range of our operations organically. We make our debut in Tricity with a new office in Gdańsk.

homfi history krakow


The Nowodworski Estates headquarters moves to a new address: Loft Park – cutting edge and comfortable office space in the very heart of Kraków.

homfi team grow

January 2020

Two years after hiring our one hundredth employee, our staff doubles in numbers. There are now 200 of us!

homfi best agency otodom


A great success and reward for our contributions in the development of the Polish real estate market. We receive the prestigious 2019 Otodom Real Estate Award for best real estate agency in Poland.

history homfi wizjery


The marketing of our listings is recognised by the jury of Wizjery 2021. We receive first prize in the category of "Best Real Estate Footage".

homfi innovative services


We continue to improve our working methods. During the problems arising from the pandemic, we are implementing an innovative real estate customer support model. Now we can react to customer inquiries immediately.

homfi history poznan


Another point on the map of Poland is marked as conquered. A new Nowodworski Estates office opens in Poznań.

nowodworski estates 10 years


We celebrate an important anniversary. Nowodworski Estates is ten years old.

homfi history radom


A Nowodworski Estates branch opens in Radom.

homfi best agency otodom 2022


Success is hard to come by and even harder to repeat, but that’s exactly what we did. We received our second Otodom Real Estate Award for best real estate agency in Poland in 2021.

homfi history lodz lublin


Consistent fulfilment of our strategy to be available in every major Polish city. New branches are opened in Łódź and Lublin.

homfi birth

September 2022

We make the bold decision to continue our growth and bring us closer to you. The Nowodworski Estates brand is renamed homfi.


We care about our environment. For our customers, associates, partners. For nature. Our hearts are big and green!

We have been reducing the volume of paper we use to the necessary minimum for years. We were the first real estate agency in Poland to abandon printing of all kinds of documents in favour of digital versions. Most of our advertising materials are available in digital formats only.

Our offices are located in the city centres, where you can conveniently commute by bike or public transit. This means that we can restrict our daily commute by car in favour of more ecological means of transport. We promote ecological initiatives and take part in various events and campaigns, including our own.

Our branches are equipped with filtered water distributors and appropriate trash sorting machines in order to reduce the volume of produced plastic and sort waste with care.