Wrocław, Stabłowice, Starobielawska

An oasis of calmness in Japanese style

Welcome to a cozy and harmonious interior where Japandi style invites with its warm and bright appearance! Japandi style is a harmonious fusion of different aesthetics. Minimalism gives it simplicity of forms, geometric lines, and a minimalist approach to accessories. Elements from Scandinavian style bring simplicity, love for natural materials, and subdued colors. Influences from wabi-sabi style draw from Japanese culture, the art of kintsugi, and a love for natural spaces.

homfi project Starobielawska living room








Wrap yourself in delicacy

Plenty of wood and natural materials create a cocooning atmosphere, fostering a sense of closeness to nature. Light wood predominates, adding coziness and tranquility while highlighting the minimalist character of the space.

In the kitchen, there is a natural stone island beautifully crafted from sandstone, boasting a unique and pleasant texture.

homfi project Starobielawska living room 2

Feel the comfort

Soft natural fabrics are a way to embrace delicacy and tactile pleasure, creating a space perfect for relaxation. The lighting is minimalist, linear, and focused, not drawing excessive attention but subtly complementing the clean frames. This is a place where one can feel peace and harmony, immersing oneself in simplicity and naturalness that bring solace!

homfi project Starobielawska bedroom