Wrocław, Śródmieście, Jedności Narodowej

Modern style

The perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality, along with the latest interior design trends. Modern style emphasizes a sense of spaciousness with ample natural light.

homfi project Jedności Narodowej living room








Harmony in colors

We have broken the monochromatic interior with trendy reddish accents.

Thanks to large windows, the apartment is incredibly bright, allowing for the use of dark, bold accents such as black textured walls in the bedroom, black blinds, or a wenge-toned kitchen!

homfi project Jedności Narodowej living room 2

A space that enchants

To visually enlarge the bedroom, we have incorporated a large mirror and reflective wardrobe fronts. The overall look is complemented by minimalist lamps with elegant, unconventional shapes. This is a place where subdued colors and striking details harmoniously blend, creating a unique and modern space.

homfi project Jedności Narodowej bedroom