Poznań, Wilda

An icon of style

A clash of classic refinement and innovation. A luxurious interior combining art deco and glamour, warmed up with wooden accessories. An absolutely enchanting design!

homfi project Wilda living room






art deco/glamour


34 m²
art deco/glamour
homfi project Wilda living room 2

Flair and elegance

Art deco has been making an impression for a hundred years. The majestic interiors arranged in this style are elegant, artistic, and refined. Every detail counts! This trend involves geometric shapes and bright neutral colours. We emphasised the sense of luxury with breathtaking stucco on the walls.

homfi project Wilda living room 4

Astounding accessories

The interior is complemented with glamour accessories, including an impressive quilted sofa with decorative ornaments, a decorated golden mirror, and two grand hanging lamps. Thanks to the contrast of black and white, we were able to refer to the classic style, i.e. the Coco Chanel apartment in Paris.

homfi project Wilda living room 3