Kraków, Stare Podgórze

Fashionable economy

Investment property has been consistently one of the most profitable capital investments for many years. How, at a relatively low cost, to prepare it for quick rental with an attractive price? This project is the perfect answer to this question

homfi project Stare Podgórze living room








45 m²

Increase the value of your property

You don't need to have an idea for the arrangement. Nor a big budget. You don't need to know how to coordinate renovations. We will take care of everything from A to Z, just like in the case of this small apartment, which found its happy tenant shortly after the completion of renovation works.

homfi project Stare Podgórze living room 2

Fashionable arrangement

The carefully planned, minimalist style of the interior allowed us to reduce costs without sacrificing aesthetic values. The effect of a modern and functionally arranged space was achieved thanks to the use of simple forms, natural materials and accessories in the fashionable colors of bottle green and precious copper.

homfi project Stare Podgórze living room