Apartment for sale

Spacious studio with a terrace - Słoneczne Osiedle

Polna St., Ustronie Morskie, Kołobrzeski

32 m²

Polna St., Ustronie Morskie, Kołobrzeski

10 000 zł/m²

320 800 zł

or from 1 777 zł monthly
Spacious studio with a terrace - Słoneczne Osiedle - Apartment - Sale - Kołobrzeski, Ustronie Morskie
Spacious studio with a terrace - Słoneczne Osiedle - Apartment - Sale - Kołobrzeski, Ustronie Morskie
Spacious studio with a terrace - Słoneczne Osiedle - Apartment - Sale - Kołobrzeski, Ustronie Morskie
Spacious studio with a terrace - Słoneczne Osiedle - Apartment - Sale - Kołobrzeski, Ustronie Morskie
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32 m²
Storage area
No. of ground-level park. spaces
Legal status
Balcony / terrace
Bulding name
Słoneczne Osiedle
Building type
Apartment Building
Built in
No. of floors
Ground-level parking
320 800 zł
Price per m²
10 000 zł/m²
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Spacious studio with a terrace - Słoneczne Osiedle
homfi is pleased to present you with a unique offer - a spacious studio with a terrace. Słoneczne Osiedle in Ustronie Morskie is an attractive investment, just 5 minutes from the sea.


Ustronie Morskie is a seaside village located between Kołobrzeg and Koszalin. Its location is exceptionally attractive due to its proximity to the Baltic Sea. The beach is within easy reach, allowing residents to enjoy sunbathing, long walks along the seashore, and relaxation on the beach for most of the year. This place is a true paradise for beach lovers and sea enthusiasts. At the same time, unlike the nearby Kołobrzeg or Mielno, it is a secluded resort, perfect for those who want to escape the city hustle and enjoy the tranquility of seaside life.

In addition to picturesque beaches, the area offers numerous attractions. Within a short distance from the town center, you can find abandoned military fortifications from the communist era, and in the coastal forests, hidden bunkers await exploration. Also, in close proximity is Poland's oldest oak tree - Bolesław (800 years old, a hundred years older than Bartek Oak). For those seeking excitement, Kołobrzeg, with its vibrant atmosphere, is just over a 10-minute drive away, and the lively Mielno can be reached in 25 minutes.

Polna Street is located in a quiet area on the outskirts of the town, offering an excellent opportunity for those dreaming of living by the Baltic Sea, away from the city's hustle and bustle. This is where you'll find Słoneczne Osiedle - surrounded by greenery and away from the urban crowd, providing tranquility and an atmosphere conducive to relaxation. The estate consists of three residential buildings, each of which includes 31 apartments. What sets this investment apart is its modern architecture with above-standard floor heights (2.85m) and large windows, making the apartments bright and spacious.

The proximity of the estate to the sea makes it an excellent place for beach lovers and sea swimmers - the nearest beach is just a 15-minute walk away (800m). For those who prefer active recreation, the location also offers access to various water sports such as windsurfing and kayaking.

Importantly, Słoneczne Osiedle is located within the "Koszaliński Pas Nadmorski" Protected Landscape Area, which means that the surrounding natural beauty is preserved in its pristine state.

In the vicinity, you'll find a full spectrum of services and amenities to meet even the most demanding needs - grocery stores, restaurants, cafes, service points, a fishing port, and much more. Basic shopping and service points are within a short walk. Whether it's during the tourist season or off-season, residents will surely appreciate the proximity of the Sports and Recreation Center, which offers a variety of attractions. At the heart of this complex is Aqua Park Helios, equipped with pools, saunas, and jacuzzis, offering an excellent option for relaxation and rejuvenation. For those of you who prefer an active lifestyle, there are also tennis courts, a bowling alley, a gym, and courts for beach volleyball, football, and basketball. This place will surely meet the needs of everyone looking for diverse entertainment and physical activities.


The 32.08 m² apartment for sale is located on the ground floor of a modern building with an elevator and surveillance. The apartment consists of:

a living room;
a kitchenette;
a bathroom;
a hallway;
a terrace.

The property is sold in a developer standard, allowing you to flexibly arrange the space according to your needs and finish it in your style. There is also an option to purchase an above-ground parking space and a tenant's storage unit.

For the convenience of residents, electric vehicle charging stations are provided. On the mezzanine levels, there are tenant storage units, and a modern and quiet elevator ensures efficient communication between the floors.

Between the buildings, there is a spacious bicycle storage area, which is locked and monitored. It is also equipped with a tool panel for bicycle repairs, making it an ideal place for cycling enthusiasts. To enhance residents' safety, the estate is surrounded by a fenced gate, and there is a surveillance system in operation on the premises. Stairwells are also monitored, and a video intercom system facilitates access control to the buildings.


Price: 320,800 PLN net (+ 8% VAT)
Above-ground parking space: PLN 35,000 net
Storage room: PLN 35,000 net (larger) or PLN 30,000 net (smaller)

Homfi mortgage agent included in the price!

Completion date of the investment: 1st quarter of 2024. The buyer does not pay the PCC tax.

Are you interested? Contact us at +48 799 350 796 or send us an email through the contact form available in the listing.


In each of the buildings, 31 apartments with areas ranging from 27.5 m2 to 55 m2 are planned. There are apartments with varying numbers of rooms, from one-bedroom to four-bedroom, in a well-thought-out layout that offers great potential for customization to suit your needs. There is also an option to equip the apartment with air conditioning, ensuring comfortable living all year round. On colder days, an efficient underfloor heating system (gas boiler room) provides warmth.

Additionally, on the ground floor, there is a commercial and office space. For convenience in parking, above-ground parking spaces are planned near the building, as well as electric vehicle charging stations.
With Homfi, you can buy property comprehensively, meaning you can handle everything in one company. In addition to real estate agents helping with finding and purchasing properties, we provide you with experienced mortgage experts, capable interior designers, and resourceful rental management specialists. This means that with us, you can find a property, finance its purchase, design and finish its interior, and then sell or rent it out with the option of handing over the property to us for rental management. Interested? Ask the listing caretaker for details.
Amadeusz Michajłowicz - real estate agent homfi Gdansk

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